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All massage services include a 20 minute infrared sauna session and aromatherapy steam shower if you choose.

Signature Spa in the Woods Therapeutic Massage

(30/60/90 minutes) $45/$80/$105
Designed to treat specific areas and release localized pressure. Gentle and gliding massage techniques combined with heat and energy work will leave your mind and spirit relaxed and balanced. (Add CBD oil to any massage $30)

Deep Tissue Massage

(60/90 minutes) $100/$150
Intense therapeutic massage treating specific, chronic muscle tension and pain. Promotes relaxation so your body and mind can heal.

Nature's Root Signature Therapeutic Cannabidiol Massage

(60/90 minutes $110/$130)
Experience a deeper sense of relaxation with Nature's Root medicinal, organic hemp cannabidiol oil that is renowned for relieving inflammation, pain and muscle cramping. Bringing together the health benefits of organic essential oils and cannabis oil creates a unique and curative experience to therapeutic massage. Enjoy the benefits naturally contained in the cannabis, and receive a sensory awakening that leaves you feeling rejuvenated. The hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties of the cannabis oils provide a natural, youthful resilience to the skin. This soothing and calming massage touches your mind, body and spirit!  


Couples Massage

(60/90 minutes) Signature Massage $175

Enjoy a massage with someone you care about in our couples massage room. Aromatherapy, candles and a fireplace make this massage one of our favorites.

Hot Stone Massage

(90 minutes) $150
Hot stones are placed along each side of the spine and other areas of the body to relax and stimulate reflex points. The therapist uses a combination of smooth stones; massage techniques and energy balancing to bring your body, mind and spirit into a meditative and harmonious state.

Pre-Natal Massage

(60 minutes) $95
A special massage for the mom-to-be helping her to relieve mental and physical fatigue. A physician’s note is required. Special tables are available to provide comfort for the mom to be.

CranioSacral Therapy

(60 minutes) $85

CranioSacral Therapy uses a gentle light touch to work with tissues around the spine and bones of the head. The therapist acts as the facilitator for the body to move and adjust itself, releasing tissue restrictions nerve impingement and muscular tension. This allows for optimal production and reabsorption of cerebral spinal fluid, which bathes, nourishes and deoxygenates the tissues of the central nervous system, bringing the body back into balance.

Scalp Massage

(30 minutes) $30.00

This uplifting experience encourages a state of heavenly well-being. With or without oil this massage will release mental tension and restore serenity.

Foot Massage

(30 minutes) $35.00

Reiki Healing

(30/60 minutes) $45/ $70
A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Deeply meditative, this modality works subtly on the body's energic flow. Find inner balance of your emotional and physical well-being through mind-body awareness rooted in ancient holistic energy work.


(30 minutes) $55
This soothing massage stimulates self- healing abilities of the body by applying pressure to the reflex points in the feet, which correspond to different organs, glands and muscles in the body. Working these points helps to increase energy flow and balance within the body.

Chair Massage

(15-30 minutes) $15/$30

Infrared Sauna with Light Therapy

(30 minutes) $30/4 visits $100

Relax in our therapeutic infrared sauna. Great for many aspects of health, including weight loss, detoxification and of course, beautiful healthy glowing skin. The infrared sauna is scientifically proven to be effective in removing heavy metals from the body, elevating well being.

Add Ons

Add CBD Oil to any Massage service $30

Aromatherapy $10.00

1-3 Hot Stone add on $15.00

Wine Down Body Serum $20.00


CBD OIL $30 Cannabidiol (CBD), is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits. CBD is non-psychoactive compound inherent to the Cannabis Sativa L plant (hemp).

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