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Spa in the Woods Custom European Facial

Starting at $90 (50 minutes)

Skin Type: all skin types. This signature facial will be customized to the treatment based on your skin type and concerns, focusing on your skins specific needs. Nourishing and repairative ingredients help reveal a softer, revitalized complexion. Your skin therapist will give you a better understanding about your skin and how to care for it in order to maintain a lasting and healthy glow. This facial will be customized with endless possibilities based on your skin type. 

IMAGE Signature Facelift Facial

$135 (50 minutes)

We aim to brighten, tighten and lighten with this revolutionary treatment! This four layer facelift will leave your skin rejuvenated and revitalised! This is a fantastic step up for someone who has had experienced regular facial treatments but is looking for something more!  Your therapist will guide you into your relaxing treatment room where she will complete a double cleanse and prepare your skin before beginning the layering of the treatment. The four layers consist of a peel containing high doses of the most sophisticated forms of Vitamin C and enzymes, layered with masks high in glycolic acid and enzymes. There may be tingling during the treatment but this will be totally comfortable. Your therapist will use cool water to remove the peel which feels lovely and soothing to reduce the tingling sensation. Serums and aftercare are then applied leaving you glowing and refreshed before your therapist will discuss your homecare.

O2 Lift facial

$100 (50 minutes)

This luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells,
peptides and a high concentration
of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.


Acne Facial

 $100 (50 minutes)

Skin Type: oily, acne prone. This facial has been designed to zero in on your most unique concerns to decrease oil, reduce bacteria, eliminate inflammation and regulate exfoliation. Your skin therapist will deeply cleanse your pores with antiseptic properties using our 30% salicylic treatment

Express Facial

 $65 (30 minutes)

Skin Type: dry, uneven, aging, dull or sensitive. Protect and repair your skin in no time. We designed this for those on the go. Every step of this EXPRESS Facial incorporates nutrient-rich ingredients to guard against free radicals and environmental damage, leaving your skin smoother, softer and glo-ing from the inside out.


Vitamin C Time Reversal Facial

$125 (50 minutes)

Turn back the hands-and fine lines of time! A minty fresh gel wash cleanser washes away excess oils and bacteria to reveal a clean slate! An alcohol free tonic made with red leaf lettuce extract refreshes. Next a natural plant-based exfoliator renews and unveils silky smooth skin. Let the feel of firm takeover when a chamomile and watercress extract mask tightens with vitamins A & K to help alleviate the look of fine lines. Any dark spots will become a thing of the past with an application of Eternal Light, a vitamin enhanced illuminating serum. Next a whipped facial mousse made with a blend of advanced peptides and retinol combats wrinkles. End with an application of Crow Catcher eye transforming serum to smooth over the look of crow's feet for the ultimate renewed appearance.


Away We Glow Brightening Facial

$125 (50 minutes)

Let it glow! A creamy green tea extract not only cleanses but calms complexion before an application of an illuminating alcohol free tonic. Reveal and renew with a fruit acid mask-a little rosy after is a good thing and will subside! We now calm with an avocado extract, oil and butter mask. Next illuminate dark spots with a vitamin enhanced serum. We seal all of this in with an advanced peptide +retinol rich facial hydrator-so whipped you'll be obsessed. End with an eye perfecting serum to keep the look of crow's feet away. This facial is not recommended for those with sensitive skin types.


Facial Add on Treatments

Decollete' Mask $20

Firming Eye Treatment $40

Hand scrub with shea butter massage $15




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